GL Testwise is GL Education’s web-based testing platform, enabling schools to administer and report on our online assessments and surveys.

GDPR Lite – Taster video to demonstrate the GDPR Academy short training course, known as ‘Lite’.

Q-interactive – Intro Demo – The first of 8 demo videos showing the set up and use of their assessment system for iPads.

TalentLens TEA Occ  demo – Test of Everyday Attention for Occupational Assessment.

Pearson HN eLearning – product demonstration showing all the features.

Capital Tuition Group – ‘A’ level Economics . One of 10 learning modules in the first series.

Bee Keeping – The Art … great fun and fascinating, even though we filmed this in bee suits at 34.5 degrees on June 21st! All details explained by young and less young.

Jessica Pilates – Pilates studio and classes all over Surrey, for all ages, shapes and sizes! The training series now has over 130 dedicated videos. Try this yourself!

Langham Brewery – a micro-brewery process in action from mashing to quaffing. Excellent!