Special Products Bubbles Animation

Special Products animationSpecial Products Limited sources and supplies a range of high quality batch manufactured unlicensed medicines for patients with special clinical requirements.

Many of their products are used in niche disease areas such as for neurological and metabolic diseases. In addition to this, they develop formulations for specialised patient groups, particularly for neonatal and paediatrics.

Their products are available in a wide range of presentations, supported by the in-house medical information service and with patient friendly packaging.

This recent product launch required an analagous treatment to represent the product’s journey through the patient, leading to remedial discussions with pharmacists and specialised patient groups alike.


Several steps are required, but mainly:

1 – Brief – from or to the client – as to notional approach/idea

2 – Treatment Concept – written – as a series of actions

  1. This needs to be re-written and agreed to the finer points of content and action with agreed approach

3 – Visualisation – initial sketch outline – single key frame for style


4 – Storyboard – series of key frames for action

Animation storyboard

5 – Colour Stages – series of finished key stages (backgrounds) with ‘characters’ placed

Colour stoyboard

6 – Production – full animation

7 – Post-Production – tweaking moves, adding soundtrack and titles

This project was typical for getting a single message across with sub-texts, taking 4 – 6 weeks from initial concept agreements, delivering a full colour 30 second animation.

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