The Silence of After … According to Mozart

On Friday 13th April we enjoyed the experience of filming the recording of this unique production in the making, with Robert Lindsay reading the parts of the Narrator and Mr McMay Morgan, Tom Read Wilson voicing the parts of Pascal Le Vasseur and the Synopsis, along with Rob Dukes, Aislinn De’Ath, Augustina Seymour and James Sobol Kelly expertly narrating the other cast members. Vocal direction was by Natalia Hinds.

02 Robert Lindsay

This production, beautifully directed by Matthew Curnier, from a text translated and adapted by Matthew himself from French Alexandrine verse (iambic hexameter) with rhyming couplets, to English – itself a beautiful work of art.

03 Aislinn & Matthew

Following the completion of this, it will go to screenplay followed by filming. So watch this space!



Alexandrine is a name used for several distinct types of verse line with related metrical structures, most of which are ultimately derived from the classical French alexandrine. The line’s name derives from its use in the Medieval French Roman d’Alexandre of 1170, although it had already been used several decades earlier in Le P√®lerinage de Charlemagne. The foundation of most alexandrines consists of two hemistichs (half-lines) of six syllables each, separated by a caesura (a word break, though often realized as a stronger syntactic break).

However, no tradition remains this simple. Each applies additional constraints (such as obligatory stress or nonstress on certain syllables) and options (such as a permitted or required additional syllable at the end of one or both hemistichs). Thus a line that is metrical in one tradition may be unmetrical in another.