Promos usually include brand idents or stings, and are used to promote companies and/or products or services in a short ‘commercial’ length – normally lasting 30 or 60 seconds (although they can be longer).

They can provide an introduction to a product or service using motion graphics, live action and key captions and they are used in a variety of ways – quite often at the start of presentations and delivered via PowerPoint, Flash, web and social media.

Kognitio Promo – An introduction to Kognitio, a pioneer in high performance, scalable Big Data analytics for Data Science and Business Intelligence.

ACS Commercial – for use in cinema advertising

GL Assessment 2017 – compilation promo

Sovereign Specials Promo

Woking Means Business – promo for next year’s exhibition

Special Products promo

Joey’s Cookies

Langham Brewery Promo

STEMNET Promo for The House of Lords Awards Reception