GL Assessment –  2D cartoon sequence as introduction on why schools should use CAT4.

Sovereign Specials – 3D Promo providing an overview of the pharmaceutical operation.

Pearson BTEC HN eLearning multimedia demo created as part of the HN launch.

SSTL Geostationary – 3D Promo created for exhibitions to show their satellite expertise.

GL ASSESSMENT – a compilation of 2D and 3D animation sequences from recent projects.

Mayfield Properties – a 2D animation (mute) to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Thames Flood – 3D view to show flood risks with EA data for Spelthorne & Runnymede.

Special Products – 2D Product Teaser of new pharmaceutical wonder drug.

Kognitio – 3D Brand Ident for in-memory software for big data analytics

Legal & General – 3D Visualisation.

TPLegal Solicitors – Brand Ident.

Ericsson – 3D Brand Ident.

Team360 – 3D Brand Ident #1 – ‘Block’

Team360 – 3D Brand Ident #2 – ‘Particles’

Team360 – 3D Brand Ident #3 – ‘Shatter’