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An induction programme is an important process for bringing staff into an organisation. It provides an introduction to the working environment and the set-up of the employee within the organisation. The process will cover the employer and employee rights and the terms and conditions of employment. As a priority the induction programme must cover any legal and compliance requirements for working at the company and pay attention to the health and safety of the new employee.

An induction programme is part of an organisations knowledge management process and is intended to enable the new starter to become a useful, integrated member of the team, rather than being “thrown in at the deep end” without understanding how to do their job, or how their role fits in with the rest of the company.

Hyde Housing - Induction programme

Good induction programmes can increase productivity and reduce short-term turnover of staff. These programs can also play a critical role under the socialisation to the organization in terms of performance, attitudes and organizational commitment.

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