Woking Means Business 2021

As part of launching Woking’s first exhibition since the advent of Covid, we’ve once again created the Woking Means Business Promo for 2021.

Always great fun, with plenty of serious business opportunities, the Woking Chamber team look forward to welcoming exhibitors and visitors at their brand new venue.

GL Student First

Just published Autumn 2021, we’ve enjoyed creating an animated story of two boys’ journeys, with their school using a suite of four GL Assessment products to aid teachers to understand more about their progress and how to support them.

The Student First suite of assessment products includes CAT4, NGRT, PASS and the PT Series, all employable during various times in the school academic year.

Echo Research Promo

Corporate promo created for Echo Research’s Autumn 2020 Virtual Summit series of 7 Zoom conferences.

This was created ‘virtually’ using our own animated captions, with stock footage, photography and specially edited soundtrack.

A different variation on our ‘Stock Series‘ first launched in January 2019.

All Covid clean and cleared!

Royal Surrey County Hospital – our latest green screen production was for RSCH Pharmacy, about the new prescription format just published on their intranet, used two of the team pharmacists detailing the new prescription procedures.

GL ASSESSMENT – Dyslexia Product Demos – we were invited by GL Assessment to update and re-create a series of 4 product demos, as part of their Dyslexia series, for use by school specialists to determine student learning proficiencies.

GUILDFORD BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES – as part of their new growth initiative, we created this short video for Guildford Borough Council, introducing the economic benefits of working and living in the area.


Mercedes Benz World hosted a new client of ours, GiBe Finance, who presented a Financial Conference for CFOs from businesses large and small, with four key speakers on topical subjects for all to consume.

Team360 were invited to capture the event, and the delegates’ comments on camera for use as a record of the day and for future promotions. We also provided soundtracks (mp3’s) of all sessions, for later use. Very enlightening! And memorable! As well as the cars!


Lindt & Sprüngli, of Master Chocolatier fame, invited us to create a short video for their Business Development Team’s annual conference, with archive from their 15 years of operation in the UK. It was to re-create the team’s growth over that time throughout the UK and to acknowledge their successes.

As well as creating animations throughout, we devised a team growth map of the UK over those 15 years. This clip shows a small part of the video, as it was an internal event, but does give an idea of the project!


We were asked to create a series of demonstration videos on this new admissions testing, scanning and scoring system for schools.

With video recordings, screen captures and voice-overs, we also produced this promotional piece.

The six videos used a mixture of screen demo captures, animations, graphics, live footage and professional voice-overs to demonstrate and instruct the school’s teams in the new software.