Interactive branching videos

This is one of our continuing test sequences for WordPress, Drupal and Moodle, although we can also provide free-standing material, with all videos self-hosted or embeded from YouTube:

[h5p id=”1″]

Behavioural Settings (‘Behaviours’): Text Overrides & Translations: Interactions:
– Bookmarks (not set on start menu)
– Rewind button (previous 10 seconds)
– Skipping forward prevention lock – not set
– Nil set (more for e-Learning applications) – Links applied for video inserts (as URLs)
– Pause set on display (can be left to play on)
– Visual buttons colour set for brand (purple)

Background Information:

When Bersin by Deloitte published their infographic ‘Meet the Modern Learner’  we were all surprised at the research findings:

– Workers can devote only 1% of their time to training & development

– Workers are online 27 times day

– Workers unlock their smartphones up to 9 times an hour

… and won’t watch videos longer than 4 minutes.

And that last point is critical to those of you in marketing and education, and ourselves in broadcast and corporate programme production … but it happily works with other developments already ongoing since Steve Jobs threw Flash out with the bathwater in one his famous tantrums.

Branching is here …

Since 2012, when we all had to look around to replace our Flash-based web content, the options were limited to the then very new HTML5 and/or converting everything to H264 – now commonly known as .mp4 format.

So, how do we keep videos under 4 minutes in length?

Publish multiple shorts, like a series?

Or Branching? Otherwise known as interactive video.

We’ve been able to do this with YouTube since 2012 (or earler), but for those wanting a more controllable publishing platform (without ads and competitive interjections), we’ve been able to use e-Learning programmes like Camtasia, Articulate and Captivate in a limited though costly manner (licenses, development, costs per seat etc.).

But is there something that is more open source and usable with plug-ins to existing publishing platforms?

… and at low cost!

It is now possible to do this, and not have to pay ‘per seat’ or for ‘x’ views.

If you woud like to know more, how we do it and the costs involved, do contact us at whener you like!