GDPR Training

Enterprise Culture, with its emphasis on creativity and freedom, and the stringent regulations necessary to safeguard public interest and protect individual rights, often make for an uneasy combination – which is why the latter are often introduced gently, in “bite-sized” increments, over a timescale comfortable and leisurely enough to keep everyone happy.

The General Data Protection Regulation initiative is different. Quite radically so.

And at Team360 we’ve been involved in the creation of a new eLearning website for GDPR Academy, which provides in-depth training on all aspects of GDPR – from Cyber Security to Personnel and the ever important documentation, leading through from the initial ’12 Steps’ to a final Certification in GDPR following a 21 module eLearning programme with Multiple Choice Questions sets.

The Team360 project team have so far created over 90 videos and animations to explain the main elements and the detail subtly of every GDPR aspect. Here are a few examples that demonstrate the multiplicity of the project:

The website provides a comprehensive course with learning modules, videos, notes and structured MCQs to enable your first GDPR Qualification.

After entering via your interest/expertise level, you will be guided through the Course, starting with the first Cyber Security Lesson.

All lessons contain an explanatory video, text guide, summary animation and detailed information sheets (PDFs) and schematics where appropriate. Best to allow 15 -20 minutes per Lesson, plus 5 minutes for revision, before accessing the Multiple Choice Quiz. You need to pass this with a 70% mark before you can move on to the next Lesson. Beware: the MCQs vary in size and difficulty!

Content is updated continuously on a monthly basis.

Your GDPR Certification can be found at: – enjoy!