Community & Social

Here are a few examples of community, social, environmental and educational pieces we’ve made over recent years. We’ve also been making child behavioural programmes for the Welsh Government and currently NHS Trust videos on child behavioural therapies: as well as numerous video programmes for Pearson & Edexcel on the latest educational curricula over the last 10 years.

 Opening video for Business Continuity website – Cabinet Office plaudits  Promo piece for Farlington School website
 DVD launching and explaining staff awards scheme  Youth Forum promo video to recruit more members
 Council promo video for recruiting European businesses to the region  DVD & CD-ROM demonstrating the Change process for LGA Conference
Animation to show extreme flood risk for Spelthorne & Runnymede Councils  Case study on the Waitrose Banstead fire for Business Continuity

Please do contact us if you wish to see any other types of project not currently available on this website. Thank you.