Chalder Farm

cows into field
Chalder Farm is a family dairy farm which the Spiby family rent from the Church Commissioners.  Most of the land is permanent pasture which the cows graze and these water meadows form part of the RSPB Pagham Harbour Nature Reserve. Grass and maize is also grown for silage and this mixed cropping provides a patchwork of fields much loved by wildlife.

We are currently recording the action at Chalder Farm, interviewing Chris & Caroline who run it, as well as creating Caroline’s delicious ice-cream!

The cows are crossbreds which produce creamy milk and are robust, healthy cattle, able to thrive on a  grass based diet.  All feeds given to the cows are GM free.


The calves are reared using milk from the dairy and are weaned onto hay and solid food at around 10 weeks.  At two years they are big enough to have calves of their own – they will then join the milking herd to start producing milk. The milk has a butterfat content of 4% and cream is added to produce delicious ice cream.

Watch this space for the finished work!