Established in 2007, Team360 use the latest in digital video and editing equipment for all our productions. With a talented and experienced team of writers, designers, sound producers, editing facilities and the ability to create video on any format, we deliver a comprehensive promotional package, whether for marketing or training purposes. As a multimedia company, we can integrate your programme into any of your digital promotional material. Making your messages memorable.




VIDEO CREATIONWe create videos to your brief – from interviews and testimonials to product demos and corporate profiles, and always happy to provide a quote with ideas and approaches to fit your budget. Why just one video?We have a wide range of production crews for the job – whether it’s providing a self-shooter (single camera person), mini crews (cameraman, sound recordist & assistant) or larger crews with outside rigs and external broadcast facilities, we can supply just what’s needed.

And of course, flavour of the decade, aerial footage with our favourite drone team!

Team360 Drone

Animation for celebrationsThese don’t take long to create, especially logo idents, which we can devise using your original brand files …GDPR Academy brand animation…making them build and move to music stings. Sovereign Specials MedicinesThe best bit is that once built, they can be added to all your programmes and presentations easily and at no additional cost! We also create programmes with continuous 2D animation, telling the story in graphics accompanied with suitable commentary.

HN eLearning aniimation for Pearson

INTERACTIVE VIDEOSInteractive videosMaking your marketing material memorable, we create interactive videos which offer branching, playing off YouTube, Vimeo, your website or other platforms of your choice: as well as 360 tours or linear journeys with branching.

The trick here is to produce one main programme, with several mini pieces that explain detail that is optional viewing.

This is particularly useful where there is a great deal of material or for eLearning with Certification following Mulitple Choice Quizes.

Sovereign Specials 360 Tour