Continuing to develop our Virtual Tours first started in 2007, the technology has enabled Team360 to create exciting 360˚ interactive and immersive journeys for learning, demonstration and understanding about history, art, civilisation and technology.

This recent example at Broadclyst Community Primary School shows how it can work, and act as an initial portfolio in these virtual times.

Tours provide their own immersive journey, taking the viewer through as many scenes as they wish in their own time, and can include relationship maps (floor plans, ground plans and architectural 3D views) with zoom capability, auto rotation, hotspots, descriptions in text or downloadable PDFs, pop-ups and sound tracks.

Rich in material, these tours can be used as portfolios, product definitions, and journeys through time (with time-lines), providing a rich and very different approach to communicating ideas.

Successfully completed 360 Virtual Tours have been for Edexcel International, Farlington School, Greenwich University, Sovereign Specials (Waymade Pharmaceuticals) and Surrey County Council, to name but a few.

To enjoy a few examples, click here.

Contact us for more details, and we’d be very happy to discuss your requirements.