Is Your Story Too Glib?

We’ve all grown up with stories, from fairy tales to romantic novels and sci-fi, and we all tell stories today – whether in the home or workplace.

A recent piece on ‘Coffee Houses’ expounded how they came about, through to their conversion to places of business like the London Stock Exchange and Lloyds of London, which was all about the telling your story, news and information.

Today we have more modern media in all its multiple facets, whether social, broadcast or print, but still the same common theme – telling stories, whether it’s news or views.

And still the same thirst for information is apparent, but now widely told in short bursts of information – short social media video clips of less than one minute in length, with features and benefits (plus company/event logo!), all made with automated software. Just type in your buzz words or one liners, and the software does the rest.

Are we bored yet?

It’s the same old, or new (depending on your point of view), as people climb onto the ‘me-too’ marketing band-wagon, competing for attention.

But that’s not really the point.

The point is telling your story, new stories, in a new way that educates us. Either to learn new or understand better philosophies, people or products.

One of the aspects that I’ve always enjoyed about a good story is the learning process.

Education, education, education is still the cause celebre … and we all feel better after a degree of education, even if it’s taken us 3 minutes, half an hour, or three years.

Which us why, when we’ve digested that piece of education, we’re in a better position to rationalise why or not we wish to become involved, to take up that opportunity, or bright new idea.

Here’s a series of stories we created in Nepal.

So, if you’d like to tell your story to us, face to face, with your natural enthusiasm, we’ll happily craft it into a piece that educates … and gets you results. Contact us to discuss your ideas.