Do you use music for your marketing soundtracks? For Podcasts or Videos?

When you use a piece of music for marketing purposes, are you aware of the copyright issues involved?

A classic outcome of not paying or registering use of music is when a video is uploaded to YouTube: if the music isn’t covered by an appropriate licence, then YouTube algorithms will pick it up and Google contact the channel host emailing them as such.

More importantly, your competitors’ videos will then be able to play alongside yours, thus diluting your message and possibly diverting potential customers away from your carefully worked offerings.

In other cases, individuals and organisations can be pursued for inflated copyright fees and even taken to court.

We source all our tracks from music libraries and pay the appropriate licence, so our clients are covered.

All our productions use paid-for-music, with log sheets appropriately completed. Each track usually only costs £100 or less, depending in usage.

Always best to check. Wherever you get your music from. And if you’re unsure, give us a call on 01483 576 503.

And that way we can support the musicians and composers who provide our soundscapes for future use.