I need a new video for my business, but where do I begin?

Creating a new video can be a daunting thought. With today’s multitude of video and social media channels there are so many decisions to make and so many things to consider. Different channels, requirements, design styles, lengths – we know it can be a minefield out there! Download our Infographic: Team360 Video Top Tips .


What is your business, your USP, your ideal customers and your requirements. Remember, you are the closest person to what you do and you are your own Subject Matter Expert (SME). Make sure you share your knowledge and enthusiasm about your business with the team. This can easily be done with a discovery session.


Write down your ‘Key Points’. Ideally three as a minimum – the challenge, the answer and the outcome. Plus features and benefits. Include your preferred methods of distribution (channels) and your Call To Action.


Do your Competitors’ Research. Knowing what is out there in your field is very important, so before you meet with your production team, make sure you have a list of your competitors.


The most natural approach is to use the live commentary from an interview or interviews, where your enthusiasm will shine through. Otherwise, the team can write a script for professional voice-over. In either case captions can also be considered.


Have a realistic time frame. Video programmes can often be fairly fast to make, but time does need to be allowed for all stages: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production – and particularly for sourcing other materials, brand consistency and reviews with sign-offs.