2020 Video Marketing Trends


TREND 5. Videos will need to be optimized for every platform.

The one-size-fits-all approach is not working anymore. Videos will need to be optimized for every platform. Creating a video for YouTube and simply reposting it on other social platforms is not the most effective video marketing strategy. Instead, when creating a video, keep the distribution platform in mind.

The KEY difference between video on Facebook compared to video on all other platforms, including YouTube, is the potential for creating unique, interactive engagement experiences for your community.

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, and his team are on a mission to prioritize content that sparks meaningful social interaction. To this end, Facebook Watch Parties will be one of the primary features marketers incorporate into their 2020 social media strategy. Facebook will continue to improve the Watch Party product, adding more and more features to improve engagement and distribution, as well as offering key insights.

In addition, the main feeds on both Facebook and Instagram will take on a new look and feel, emphasizing video and the Stories format even more and most likely with a horizontal swipe and tap navigation. YouTube just launched a new horizontal swiping gesture that lets users easily move forward and backward through videos. Facebook will continue to prioritize video content and strive to compete with YouTube.

What’s becoming clearer is the same video re-posted on different platforms is becoming less and less effective. The same video that works on YouTube isn’t going to work on Facebook, and we can’t take that Facebook video, put it in a frame and upload it to IGTV, or LinkedIn.

Users are consuming video differently on the different platforms, and as marketers we need to get use to repurposing smarter, by editing our videos in a way that works for the platform it is being posted on, rather than doing a lazy re-upload job. Looking at things like the aspect ratio, style, pacing and objective, and maybe realising we can’t be everywhere – but where we are posting regularly, we’re putting our all in.

We’ve seen the use of video grow substantially across all platforms, including being able to upload native video to LinkedIn, which is one platform that is currently experiencing a bit of a renaissance and we predict it will continue to innovate. This is definitely one platform that business owners need to pay attention to.

As we head into 2020, Facebook will continue to heavily invest in video across all Facebook-owned platforms and Marketers are really going to have to up their video game. To capture and retain the attention of viewers, people will need to be very strategic with the video content they create. Videos will need to be:
1. Extremely relevant to a particular target audience.
2. Created to suit the platform that it is being shared on – one size does not fit all.
3. And our recommendation when creating the majority of your video content is to keep it short, under 1 minute if possible. (There are exceptions obviously!)

Video for Every Stage of the Funnel
It’s easy enough to say that video is absolutely necessary for every business. But why exactly do businesses need it? Many marketers believe that video serves one and only purpose – getting your brand in front of customers. We expect this long-lived myth to be busted by 2020, because video is a powerful marketing tool that has many uses beyond the obvious.

By 2020, we’ll see brands incorporating video into every stage of the buyer’s journey, from awareness, to consideration, conversion and beyond. Businesses will use video to promote their special offers and events, give sneak peeks at upcoming collections, educate customers about their products and communicate with the audience in a more engaging way than ever before.


 Trend 6 – Next Month … Personalized and authentic videos …