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Connecting with viewers is a beautiful thing: it means you’re telling your story, reaching more humans, and growing your brand. Even better if it’s in an interactive manner, with Interactive tools from Vimeo.

Vimeo video interaction toolsThat’s why we’re excited to see the fresh release all-new interactive tools on Vimeo, which include:

Updated end screens for Vimeo professional members allows customisation of  what appears after your video. And drive even more engagement with call-to-action buttons. These are known as End Cards.

Mobile-friendly cards let Vimeo Business members link viewers to any destination they choose, at any point in their video. So we have Interactive tools from Vimeo.

These were designed to elevate the video and encourage viewers to engage.

Email capture forms help Vimeo Business members generate leads. Whether it’s before, during, or after their video. o, great Interactive tools.

This is all good news as YouTube have now ceased a lot of these services. So Vimeo have jumped into the breach … and with greater frame accuracy too!

All great news for interactive and branching videos.

So, have a look at more detail, or contact us for a quote.