2020 Video Marketing Trends

2020 Video Marketing Trends – Today & Tomorrow

Without question, video has become an integral part of digital marketing. If one year ago companies were still hesitant whether they should commit to video marketing, Today, it’s not a question of whether to start or not. It’s a question or how to do it more effectively.

TREND 1. Videos will replace other forms of communication

Video is shifting from being a complimentary visual tool to becoming the main piece of content. Instead of sending an email or written testimonial, people will simply start recording videos. Most likely, video still won’t substitute more traditional forms of content, like blog posts. However, we expect video to take an even firmer stance towards 2020.

1) Short form video on Facebook – It’s very difficult to get people on Facebook to engage with long video. YouTube is a much better channel for long form video content. So on Facebook we see more companies creating teaser videos to promote longer form content on other channels.

2) Virtual Reality – It will become cheaper and there will be more tools available that will help you create virtual reality videos. For example, if you’re doing a big house makeover walking through the ‘renovated’ house before it’s done, would be a great experience.

3) Videos in email – Often email boxes are over loaded and getting a short personal video in email can be so powerful. It is such an under used tactic at this stage but we think now is the time for this to increase.

4) Testimonials – These days people usually lack the time and certainly don’t have the interest to read written testimonials. They probably won’t even believe most of the written stuff displayed on some company website’s testimonial page. But if instead of text they could actually see and hear what customers are saying about a business, that would be a whole different scenario. An incomparably more credible scenario and, thus, much more effective for the growth, promotion, and notoriety of your brand.

Trend 2 – Next Month … Videos continuing to grow?