Animations for Sovereign Specials Medicines

Animations: with all the multiple video projects we produced, we’ve been creating animations of all types. From logo idents to product pieces to eLearning, we’ve been busy.

Have a look at  some of our favourite pieces created already for GDPR Academy and Capital Tuition Group, as well GL Assessment and Mayfield Developments below.

These don’t take long to create, especially logo idents. We can devise these just using the original brand files – making them build and move to music stings.

The best bit is that once built, they can be added to all your programmes and presentations easily and at no additional cost!

Our 3D animation services are used to enable product visualisation.  And to preview architectural structures, create prototypes, brands and expand your audience’s imagination. We can simulate any physical object or atmosphere and turn your ideas into a dynamic moving image.

Team360 provides high quality graphics and animations for application to all types of digital media. And we produce 3D animated logos, virtual reality environments, product representations, background displays and pilot cartoons. All delivered for social, web, CD-ROM, DVD or print.

See our favourite examples for GDPR, Pearson – BTEC Promo, IVCA, Kimberly-Clark and Edexcel below:

GDPR Academy – Brand ident for Academy eLearning website

SSTL Geostationary – Product promo for Surrey Satellite’s Geostationary satellite systems

Edexcel Diploma Launch

River Thames Flood Risks – the 100 year flood

Friends Provident – Data Risk! – Data Security at the most obvious … even when using snail mail!

Edexcel English GCSE

Special Products – teaser animation campaign

GL Assessment’s SEN logo animation for a sereis of 6 product demo video

Mayfield Properties’ 20th Anniversary celebrations – logo animation sequences

Team360 – one of several logo animations we use to demonstrate different approaches

Kognitio logo animations – used for several corporate and product programmes

TP Legal – animation for website use

Legal & General – opening animation or for single use in conferences

Ericsson ident