Re-purposing: “Clients expect each project to be produced in such a way that it’s re-purposable future content” was a comment in a ‘Broadcast’ article I recently came across. How naive.

That should always be the case – of course that has to be the way, and always has as far as we’re concerned.

Take animated logos: once created, they have to be versatile enough to be used in all media. They derive from the current brand and therefore always have to be usable in media, once created.

All media recorded and/or created has to be re-purposable across all platforms. That is a given.

But how many marketers (being a pedant, I always wish to spell it ‘marketeers’, as in correct English) always consider re-applying that hard fought budget to other projects?

Examples of re-use, re-purposing:

Company and product logos and their animations.
Music stings – for brand consistency.
Footage – images and action.
Audio – commentaries, sound bites.
Testimonial clips.

Re-purposing video material is useful and cost-effective. Consider how you can use previously produced material in other messages.

We do.