Lighting for all

Lighting: does your videographer have the necessary for all situations? Or does he or she bring along their LED or Tube panels and a single soft spot?

Depends what you pay for, especially if you value the time they need to set and prep to produce quality for re-use.

Trained as a fashion photographer, I know light. Even though the equipment has changed over recent years, the use of light is the same. As well as clothing, although make-up for lighting less so.

Any videographer will have the camera and some sound equipment, but the trick is the lights.

A recent location shoot required some in-fill for a dark actor. This required a simple handheld/desk mounted LED, self-powered, to create improved illumination for her features. Easy.

And then it just comes down to the ideas, the script and the direction.

Light set-ups for video is key to all shots – we use all types: LED, tubes, spots, key lights, softboxes, floods, pencils, glopads in a mixture of arrays.

Lighting – plenty of choice for all situations?