With the increasing pressure to have your videos recorded in 4K, instead of HD, one needs to understand the benefits and shortcomings of both.

Many production companies now offer production in 4K, although it is true that all of us shoot in both formats/definitions. Should this affect you? And why should you be bothered?

Because this affects speed of delivery, delivery platforms – projected/large screen, web, desktops, handhelds and mobiles – and budget.

You have to decide the main delivery platform. If you are not displaying your final beautifully crafted video in cinemas or large stage screens as the main priority, then consider the outcomes.

4K can be beautiful compared to HD. But only in the right circumstances. The main consideration with any craft is the concept and creation of the final piece. From the big idea, the script or storyboard, to the filming (recording and/or animation etc.)

4K data is four times the size of HD. This requires more investment not only in camera systems – which is the easy bit. But also in the IP or networks for transfer, the edit (post) systems, the storage, back-up and delivery. Which means production companies have to invest properly in all of these systems and infrastructures.

HD offers the speed that all screens and TVs easily display, at high quality, and at great value for squeezed corporate budgets.

We work with many production cameramen and ‘self-shooters’ (no crew) who all declare that HD does the job perfectly well. So consider if you really do need 4K, as it affects your budget in both the short and long term.

We work with both, and have the systems in place accordingly, but always happy to have a chat about what you really need.

And of course, the creativity is always there, no matter the definition.