Why just one video?

So many times in the last couple of years we have realised, along with most of our clients, that we can produce several videos from one shoot.

A one day of shooting/recording can take a great deal of time to set up, as well as budget, but if done appropriately, can provide for a series of short videos on and around the same subject.

All this takes is forethought – and whilst it may mean more time in editing, this can provide more than that single video as per the original brief.

So, let’s get down to the actualities: a singe day’s shoot will always have that known cost, once budgeted. But if handled and planned properly, can provide an abundance of material for use in a series of videos, not just one.

And all that requires is a little more editing to create the series: the brand is constant, the animations should be constant and the only difference is the footage, captions and music, if that needs to be different (although in practise this is the same source, albeit mixed differently/appropriately).

Why go for one, when you can create a series for slow, cascade or social release?