UX - User Experience

UX … refers to a person’s emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service.

It includes the practical, experiential, effective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human–computer interaction and product ownership.

So few people are aware of the whole UX industry that employs UX researchers, designers, developers to provide the best User Experience in as many human-computer reactions as possible. How easy is something to use? How intuitive? How logical?

Well, this world is now moving on to the next stage … CONVERSATIONAL UX.

From mouse clicks, screen taps and voice commands, we now have ‘swipe’ as the new click, and Conversational UX in the form of Siri, Google and Alexa from tech giants such as Apple, Google and Amazon becoming more commonly used.

WeChat logo   LINE_logo

Natural language recognition is progressing at a rapid pace – with getting a ride, paying a bill or shopping online with chat becoming more of daily life – already happening in Asia with WeChat and Line.


Back to basics though … every instructional video or e-learning project needs UX … and that means time to pilot first cuts with feedback. All too frequently, deadlines have to be met which impede proper QC and UX.

So, always best to allow for time, following post-production, for piloting that beautifully crafted video material and gaining that all-important User eXperience!