Broadcast Video Expo 2017 at London's Excel

Broadcast Video Expo at London’s Excel this year brought even more of the latest production technologies … but more importantly seminars and discussions on creative thinking for marketing … in particular ONE EXTRAORDINARY STORY in BRANDED CONTENT … with Sir Peter Bazelgette, Chairman of ITV, leading the discussion on how branded content is born, and the strategic journey that spawns a project whose outcome is Branded Content, and marks the starting gun for all aspects of delivery – video in particular.

Yes, good content deserves to go all around. Underlining that key to all communication, media or otherwise … the BIG IDEA.

And of course, PLANNING FOR ROI: driving business outcomes through branded content.

We also had CONNECTED MEDIA EUROPE: exploring the technologies that enable audiences to interact with content across any device – so, mobiles and beyond.

And the VR EXPERIENCE: checking out the latest cutting edge content and involved in panel discussions featuring the most established content creators in the UK.

And last but not least, the STREAMING FORUM: meeting the game changers in content delivery, technology and monetisation, helping the production industry to capitalise on the blurring of boundaries between broadcast and streaming: OTT services (meaning Over The Top audio visual or TV delivery systems away from the traditional broadcasters) like Netflix, Amazon Video, BBC3, YouTube and Vimeo are delivering more and more content 24/7 on a global platform.

All of this means that any organisation can create its own Television Channel at little cost, as long as it’s got those BIG IDEAS and the means to create programmes that educate potential buyers … with and without branded content.

All it takes is a plan.