Pearl & Dean - Cinema CommercialsHaving produced commercials for nationwide spots previously, there is a widely-held misapprehension that commissioning a commercial is expensive. A major hit on budgets?

Well … you’d be very surprised.

Cinema has changed drastically over the past decade with increased investment from exhibitors resulting in a wide range of magnificent cinema sites. These from huge multiplexes to smaller boutique style independents. The range of product has also broadened significantly with cinema no longer being the sole preserve of Hollywood blockbusters.

Nowadays you are as likely to pop to your local cinema to watch a heartfelt documentary. Or an intriguing indie-film. Or even live opera. Or even a big 3D family film or action flick. All of this has resulted in an increasingly diverse range of audiences going to the cinema on a regular basis. All of them highly targetable by any number of criteria including film choice and location.

With an equal balance of men and women attending cinemas, the ABC1 figures constantly show above 65%. And with the spend ever increasing with the front-of-house drinks and confectionary, the buying power is also on the increase.

Being involved recently with Pearl & Dean and a local cinema in Surrey, where there are 6 screens playing several times a day, 24/7, it is easily possible to put on commercials aimed purely at a local or regional audience for £95 a week. Or less … depending on the length of contract. Just make sure your (30 second) commercial is professional, legal and memorable.

Here’s a recent commercial showing great ROI:

Video commercials in Surrey

As part of our video coverage of the local Woking Means Business event, we were recording a variety of exhibitors and ACS Surrey was one of several to ask us to make a video of their operation.

Well … not only do they have a promo for use on their website and in displays, but a 30 second commercial released in local cinemas through Pearl & Dean throughout 2016.

“We were overwhelmed by the simplicity and speed from start to finish. The whole concept of having a promotional video and advert seemed out of our league and expensive. We were proved wrong! Team360’s marketing advice and ideas moving forward are also invaluable!”

Operations Director, ACS Surrey Executive Cars

“Having seen thousands of commercial ads in this and other cinemas over recent years I was happily surprised by the glossiness of Team360’s latest advert for a local Woking company, ACS Surrey. It beats lots of others from large consumer corporates, without naming names! And it got the message over with clarity as well as quality!”

Chief Projectionist, Ambassadors Cinema, Woking

Return on Investment?

Since we set up the initial 4 week run with Pearl & Dean for ACS, they have now extended to a full year contract – because the return on investment was so good, with the 30 second commercial running on all 6 screens 24/7 more than paying for itself with all the new weekly business as a result!

ROI? Most definitely a ‘Yes’!