Recently visiting Nepal we discovered this truly wonderful Eco-village in Astam, northwest of Pokhara in Nepal, where 7 generations of the same family have lived, and who have created an Eco-Village which is totally self-sufficient, whilst providing a magnificent hillside view of the Annapurna range of mountains. We couldn’t help but capture on video the family and their welcoming village!

This eco-village not only provides for overnight stays for serious trekkers, but also time and space for re-energising those personal batteries, whether for peace and solitude, meditation or Yoga.

Set on a hillside, the eco-village has several stone built buildings for (western style) accommodation, with electricity (solar powered) and clean running water stored and purified from the seasonal rains.

And fully equipped kitchens using this electricity and water, as well as bio-gas, for meal preparation by the family team.

Sustenance is provided from the wide variety of organically grown fruits and vegetables, together with eggs and milk from their own hens and cows, also on site.

So it’s something of a surprise to find this village: a safe place for solitude and reflection, or as a base for wildlife photography and trekking.

Well worth the trip!

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