TEAM360 creates videos, virtual tours and animations, making them cost effective and engaging, ensuring you get an amazing finished product that works and is memorable. We are versatile and reactive to your needs and provide a full video, virtual production and animation service; taking you from initial creative concepts right through script-writing, recording and editing. The success of our projects is about more than just views, and we work with you to monitor the success of your digital campaigns by focusing on delivery analytics.

Please enjoy examples of our production, virtual projects and animation services on our portfolio section.




Interactive Timelines

How do you create an interactive timeline without lots of programming or coding? When commissioned by GL Education to convert a PowerPoint presentation of their 'Assessment Timeline' for interactive use - scrollable with pop-up text, images, video, links and...

Virtual Tours

Continuing to develop our Virtual Tours first started in 2007, the technology has enabled Team360 to create exciting 360˚ interactive and immersive journeys for learning, demonstration and understanding about history, art, civilisation and technology. This recent...

Virtual Events

As practically all our productions in 2020 were 'Virtual' - online demos, green screens, drone footage and stock promos - we were delighted to be asked by Echo Research to produce their 2020 Virtual Events Summit Leadership Series. Using the Zoom platform (other...

Team360 use the latest in digital tour, video and editing equipment for all our productions. We are a talented and experienced team of writers, designers and sound producers. With in-house editing facilities we create media for any format. We deliver a comprehensive promotional and educational package, whether for public consumption, marketing or training purposes. As a multimedia company, we can integrate your programme into any of your digital material.