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TEAM360  makes corporate video production and animation production not only fun but also cost effective, and ensures you get an amazing finished product that works and is memorable. We are versatile and reactive to your needs and provide a full video production and animation service; taking you from initial creative concepts right through script-writing, recording and editing. We also provide advice on hosting your video, making it a part of your marketing strategy and deploying it across multiple channels, making sure people see your video and providing you with a great ROI for your budget. The success of a video is about more than just views, and we work with you to monitor the success of your video campaigns by focusing on business analytics.

You can see some examples of our corporate production and animation services on our portfolio section.




2020 Video Marketing Trends 3

TREND 3. The Rise of Short & Vertical Videos. More than 75% of world video viewing happens on mobile, according to eMarketer. Naturally, we might expect to see the rise of vertical videos, as it’s the way we hold our phones, after all. With more information pushed...

2020 Video Marketing Trends 2

TREND 2. Video Marketing to Continue Growing? A whole generation of teenagers and youths have grown up on YouTube videos, Snapchat clips, viral GIFs and Instagram. People, in general, don’t want to read as much and static images aren’t nearly as dynamic. Facebook...

2020 Video Marketing Trends 1

2020 Video Marketing Trends - Today & Tomorrow Without question, video has become an integral part of digital marketing. If one year ago companies were still hesitant whether they should commit to video marketing, Today, it’s not a question of whether to start or...

Location Filming Abroad

Filming abroad on location, requires some good organisation and logistics. Carnets, insurance, visas, passes, in-date passports, medical jabs, tickets, currency, equipment, transport, accomodation and ground agents are the usual prerequisites. All before travelling to...


Most weeks we have clients contacting us for artwork, images or re-edits on previous productions, and this can happen from projects completed several years ago. Never a problem. As our archive storage system holds projects going back over 20 years, properly indexed,...

Team360 use the latest in digital video and editing equipment for all our productions. We are a talented and experienced team of writers, designers and sound producers. With in-house editing facilities we create video for any format. We deliver a comprehensive promotional package, whether for marketing or training purposes. As a multimedia company, we can integrate your programme into any of your digital promotional material.