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With GDPR Day on 25th May, we've been so involved in creating 96 GDPR videos, we feel it's well worth proclaiming our own GDPR compliance! More ...

At Team360 we use the latest in digital video and editing equipment for all our productions. With a talented and experienced team of writers, designers, sound producers, editing facilities and the ability to create video in any format, we deliver a comprehensive promotional package, whether for marketing or training purposes. As a multimedia company, we can integrate your programme into any of your digital promotional material. Some examples of our work below:




Re-purposing your material?

"Clients expect each project to be produced in such a way that it's re-purposable future content" was a comment in a 'Broadcast' article I recently came across. How naive. That should always be the case - of course that has to be the way, and always has as far as...

Lighting for all?

So, does your videographer have the lighting necessary for all situations? Or does he or she bring along their LED or Tube panels and a single soft spot? Depends what you pay for, especially if you value the time they need to set and prep to produce quality for...

Data Explosion with 4K Video

With the increasing pressure, or use, to have your videos recorded in 4K, as opposed to HD, one needs to understand the benefits and the shortcomings of both. Many production companies now offer production in 4K, although it is true that all of us shoot in both...

Why just one video?

So many times in the last couple of years we have realised, along with most of our clients, that we can produce several videos from one shoot. A one day of shooting/recording can take a great deal of time to set up, as well as budget, but if done appropriately, can...

Data Archiving Cloud?

A new Windows 10 production machine of ours last year received a message shortly after start-up that our 'One Drive was full'. Of course it was a 1GB free cloud storage facility that had gobbled up what it first saw - a slice of our design software which we already...

TEAM360  makes corporate video production and animation production not only fun but also cost effective, and ensures you get an amazing finished product that works and is memorable. We are versatile and reactive to your needs and provide a full video production and animation service; taking you from initial creative concepts right through script-writing, recording and editing. We also provide advice on hosting your video, making it a part of your marketing strategy and deploying it across multiple channels, making sure people see your video and providing you with a great ROI for your budget. The success of a video is about more than just views, and we work with you to monitor the success of your video campaigns by focusing on a range of business analytics.

You can see some examples of our corporate video production and animation services on our portfolio section.